Thursday, October 20, 2016

MemcardRex mobile

Status update just so you know that I'm alive folks.

I've started working on the mobile version of MemcardRex.
It's not a port of the desktop version though, once again I'm starting from scratch.

It's a Cordova application written using Meteor framework.


Features I'm aiming for:
Support for all file types desktop version supports.
Single save import / export feature.
Multiple Memory Cards opened at the same time.
Custom container format so you can have a single Memory Card with more than 15 saves.

It will behave a little differently than a desktop version.
A single save will be shown only once but with the indication of how much slots (space) it uses.
If a limit of 15 slots is surpassed then only a custom container format will be available for saving.

I plan to have a free version with limited features (but still very usable)
and a paid one with full features. No ads in any of those, I hate ads.

If you have any suggestions please post a comment.

Don't ask for release date though, I'm not even remotely sure when will that be.


  1. Can you help me convert this chrono trigger save file into .vmp format for ps vita?

    1. I can't unfortunately. I don't have a PSP anymore.


  2. Encourage and move forward with the project. ;)