Thursday, June 20, 2013

MemcardRex 1.7 released

  • DTR line is now used in DexDrive communication.
  • Adjusted timing for DexDrive communication.
    • Memory Cards that were not readable should work now.
  • Added import icon feature in the icon editor.
    • 16x16 pixel icons with no more than 16 colors are supported.
  • Added a complete set of new interface icons.
    • Silk icon set 1.3 by Mark James.
  • Added a "Compare with temp buffer" option.
  • Added Del shortcut for "Remove save" option.
  • Message box is now slightly larger for easier readability.
  • Save prompt now defaults to "Yes" instead of "No".
  • Menu options are now dynamic and items are enabled/disabled related to the currently selected save.
  • Bundled "CTREdit 0.1" plugin, a Crash Team Racing save editor.

Download link:
MemcardRex 1.7