Sunday, October 5, 2014

Memory Card conversions

I still get a ton of requests for VMP conversions but I don't have a PSP anymore
so I'm unable to perform conversions for you guys.

But it's not that difficult to do it yourself.
User that goes by the name of Jaska made a great guide covering the topic, check it out

I have been getting bunch of requests lately for Memory Card conversions
from .mcr to PSP and PS Vita format (VMP).

There have been requests on ngemu, blog comments and emails and probably
on some other communities where I frequent.

To keep thing neatly organized I'll attach those saves to this post and maybe
we can even help someone else by using those converted saves.

So, consider this the official "ask Shendo to convert my save" post.

Just comment on this post with a link to your save and I'll convert
and attach saves when I get the chance.

Final Fantasy VIII (US) by Eric Vincent
Xenogears (US) by Eric Vincent
Final Fantasy IX (US) by Eric Vincent
Bushido Blade 2 (US) by Cjay2014
Final Fantasy VII/VIII (US) by Trapped
Xenogears (US) by David Tonka
Breath of Fire III (US) by Lt.Dan
Final Fantasy IX (US) by Romans5.8
Final Fantasy VII (EU) by Ex-SOLDIER
Final Fantasy VIII (EU) by Ex-SOLDIER
Final Fantasy IX (EU) by Zappyros
Final Fantasy IX (EU) by Kosaka
Legend of Mana (US) by Agsboy
Final Fantasy IX (US) by Knkma000
Final Fantasy VII/VIII (US) by Craig A O'Donnell-Vicente
Crash Team Racing / Final Fantasy IX (EU) by Ex-SOLDIER
Final Fantasy VIII (US) by Ddx92
Xenogears (US) by Michael1986
Tobal 2 / Saga Frontier / Front Mission 2 / Final Fantasy VII / Tactics / Einhander / Bushido Blade / Brave Fencer Mushashi by Fushigina
Chrono Cross (US) by J. Hampe
Final Fantasy IX / Digimon (EU) by VoiD3d
Final Fantasy VII/VIII/IX (EU) / Resident Evil 1 / 2 (US) by Noctis_XV
Breath of Fire 4 (US) by Dustin Weith
Legend of Dragoon (US) by B-train
Arc the Lad 2 (US) by Ygna
Parasite Eve 1/2 (US) by Justin Chambers
Final Fantasy VIII (EU) by RehiiX
Wild Arms 2, FF9, Legend of Legaia (US) by Eric Taylor
Final Fantasy VII (US) by Thurac
Final Fantasy VIII (EU, US) by Havenbrook