Monday, April 26, 2021

PS3 Memory Card Adaptor support for MemcardRex.

Thanks to Nico de Poel MemcardRex now supports PS3 Memory Card Adaptor.

You can grab this release on Github.

Thursday, April 22, 2021

MemcardRex and FreePSXBoot

In days before FreePSXBoot I added a feature to MemcardRex to auto correct corrupted Memory Cards because
that should benefit users as it will make their cards up to spec.

However, that feature broke FreePSXBoot as it relies on "corrupted" data.
So now, to remedy this I added an option to disable this feature by default.
FreePSXBoot cards written using MemcardRex should work now as expected.

This version of MemcarRex can be download from the Github repository.

This is not a fully fledged release, just an updated binary.
Replace your existing MemcardRex.exe with this new one and you should be good to go :p

Saturday, January 14, 2017

BCLoader fix

In 2012 I made a loader plugin for Black Chocobo save editor so users can edit FF7 saves
directly from MemcardRex.

It simply takes a single FF7 save, stores it to temp directory, sends it to Black Chocobo and waits for the application to close so it can put the save back to MemcardRex.

I named the temp file "FF7SaveData" and that worked when I tested the plugin.
However in the mean time Black Chocobo was updated and now it expects a decently named file to
detect it as a single save (eg. "BASCUS-94163FF7-S01").

Because of that BCLoader 0.1 is not usable with Black Chocobo any more and
the save is not detected as Final Fantasy VII save.

This has escaped me as I don't use Black Chocobo.
Fortunately user Jack Barnard pointed out the problem with the plugin.

So I fixed the problem and got the plugin working once again.

So, here it is. Grab the updated plugin and replace old "BCLoader.dll" in
plugins directory with the new one. 

Download link:

Thursday, October 20, 2016

MemcardRex mobile

Status update just so you know that I'm alive folks.

I've started working on the mobile version of MemcardRex.
It's not a port of the desktop version though, once again I'm starting from scratch.

It's a Cordova application written using Meteor framework.

Features I'm aiming for:
Support for all file types desktop version supports.
Single save import / export feature.
Multiple Memory Cards opened at the same time.
Custom container format so you can have a single Memory Card with more than 15 saves.

It will behave a little differently than a desktop version.
A single save will be shown only once but with the indication of how much slots (space) it uses.
If a limit of 15 slots is surpassed then only a custom container format will be available for saving.

I plan to have a free version with limited features (but still very usable)
and a paid one with full features. No ads in any of those, I hate ads.

If you have any suggestions please post a comment.

Don't ask for release date though, I'm not even remotely sure when will that be.

Sunday, October 5, 2014

Memory Card conversions

I still get a ton of requests for VMP conversions but I don't have a PSP anymore
so I'm unable to perform conversions for you guys.

But it's not that difficult to do it yourself.
User that goes by the name of Jaska made a great guide covering the topic, check it out

I have been getting bunch of requests lately for Memory Card conversions
from .mcr to PSP and PS Vita format (VMP).

There have been requests on ngemu, blog comments and emails and probably
on some other communities where I frequent.

To keep thing neatly organized I'll attach those saves to this post and maybe
we can even help someone else by using those converted saves.

So, consider this the official "ask Shendo to convert my save" post.

Just comment on this post with a link to your save and I'll convert
and attach saves when I get the chance.

Final Fantasy VIII (US) by Eric Vincent
Xenogears (US) by Eric Vincent
Final Fantasy IX (US) by Eric Vincent
Bushido Blade 2 (US) by Cjay2014
Final Fantasy VII/VIII (US) by Trapped
Xenogears (US) by David Tonka
Breath of Fire III (US) by Lt.Dan
Final Fantasy IX (US) by Romans5.8
Final Fantasy VII (EU) by Ex-SOLDIER
Final Fantasy VIII (EU) by Ex-SOLDIER
Final Fantasy IX (EU) by Zappyros
Final Fantasy IX (EU) by Kosaka
Legend of Mana (US) by Agsboy
Final Fantasy IX (US) by Knkma000
Final Fantasy VII/VIII (US) by Craig A O'Donnell-Vicente
Crash Team Racing / Final Fantasy IX (EU) by Ex-SOLDIER
Final Fantasy VIII (US) by Ddx92
Xenogears (US) by Michael1986
Tobal 2 / Saga Frontier / Front Mission 2 / Final Fantasy VII / Tactics / Einhander / Bushido Blade / Brave Fencer Mushashi by Fushigina
Chrono Cross (US) by J. Hampe
Final Fantasy IX / Digimon (EU) by VoiD3d
Final Fantasy VII/VIII/IX (EU) / Resident Evil 1 / 2 (US) by Noctis_XV
Breath of Fire 4 (US) by Dustin Weith
Legend of Dragoon (US) by B-train
Arc the Lad 2 (US) by Ygna
Parasite Eve 1/2 (US) by Justin Chambers
Final Fantasy VIII (EU) by RehiiX
Wild Arms 2, FF9, Legend of Legaia (US) by Eric Taylor
Final Fantasy VII (US) by Thurac
Final Fantasy VIII (EU, US) by Havenbrook

Sunday, August 10, 2014

MemcardRex goes open source

I decided to release the source code for MemcardRex in a hope that community
will contribute to it and keep the project alive.

Due to some other ongoing projects of mine I'm unable to work on MemcardRex
as much as I want to and it would be a shame to let the project die.

I have set up a git repository page which can be reached by following this link:
MemcardRex Git repository

Also, if anyone is up for it a Gtk# port of the application would be much appreciated
as non Windows platform are lacking a serious PS1 Memory Card editor.

Thursday, July 10, 2014

Gtk# version of BIOSGet released.

Lately I have been using Linux and I noticed that my BIOSGet application
was not working properly with Mono.

That's why I decided to port the application to Gtk#.

So here it is. It should work properly on Linux and OS X if you have latest Mono runtime installed.

BIOSGet 0.1 Gtk#