Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Black Chocobo loader

If you are into Final Fantasy VII then you must have heard of the awesome
save editor called Black Chocobo, written by Sithlord48.

Since MemcardRex supports plugins users asked if there
is a way to use Black Chocobo as a plugin.

The answer is: Yes!

All you need is a BCLoader plugin for the MemcardRex which
you can download right here: http://www.mediafire.com/?40jtc4jw769mj92.

After you get the file transfer BCLoader.dll into the "Plugins" directory.
Now open MemcardRex, go to Options->Plugins, select a BCLoader and press the Config button.
Navigate to Black Chocobo's executable and press "OK".
Congratulations, you can now use Black Chocobo as a FF7 save editor for MemcardRex.

Note that you will need the latest MemcardRex 1.6 in order
to use this plugin (get it in the post below this one).

Don't forget to save the changes after you finish editing your save.

To download Black Chocobo visit: http://www.blackchocobo.com/