Saturday, July 7, 2012

MemcardRex 1.6 released

  • Added Ctrl-C and Ctrl-V shortcuts for "Copy" and "Paste save from temp buffer" options respectively.
  • Added support for *.VM1 Memory Cards.
  • Added support for InterAct DexDrive (Thanks to Frédéric Brière for information).
  • Icon size for save properties window can now be selected (Inspired by the Kubusleonidas' Memory Card editor).
  • Simplified plugin interface (for programmer) but just as powerful.
  • Application settings are now stored in the XML file format.
  • GUI is now more consistent with the general usage guidelines.
  • Updated "SpyroEdit" plugin to version 0.3.
  • Bundled "MGSEdit 0.1" plugin, a Metal Gear Solid save editor.

Download link:
MemcardRex 1.6