Monday, November 25, 2013

Progress update (PS1CardLink)

Those who own a serial cable for their PS1s are in for a treat.

I made an application which enables transfer between a Memory Card
connected to PS1 and MemcardRex running on PC.


Release of MemcardRex 1.8 version is very soon. :)

Sunday, October 27, 2013

Progress update (MemCARDuino)

I added support for MemCARDuino reader in my MemcardRex.
If you don't know what MemCARDuino is you can visit this link for more info.

Here is a video of it in action:

I'm not really sure when MemcardRex 1.8 will be released but stay tuned for any updates.

Sunday, July 28, 2013

PSX BIOS Dumper 2.6 released

Recently I started programming for PSX once again so I decided to update my BIOS dumper.

I've added a serial cable support, so for those lucky ones who have a PSX serial cable
you don't have to use Memory Cards which makes the whole process a lot faster.

  • Fixed error which displayed incorrect version and date on SCPH-1000 consoles.
  • Added BIOS CRC-32 information.
  • Added option to use serial cable.
  • Updated BIOSmerge for Linux (x86 and x64).

If you need a guide for using this software visit this thread.

BIOS Dumper 2.6

Thursday, June 20, 2013

MemcardRex 1.7 released

  • DTR line is now used in DexDrive communication.
  • Adjusted timing for DexDrive communication.
    • Memory Cards that were not readable should work now.
  • Added import icon feature in the icon editor.
    • 16x16 pixel icons with no more than 16 colors are supported.
  • Added a complete set of new interface icons.
    • Silk icon set 1.3 by Mark James.
  • Added a "Compare with temp buffer" option.
  • Added Del shortcut for "Remove save" option.
  • Message box is now slightly larger for easier readability.
  • Save prompt now defaults to "Yes" instead of "No".
  • Menu options are now dynamic and items are enabled/disabled related to the currently selected save.
  • Bundled "CTREdit 0.1" plugin, a Crash Team Racing save editor.

Download link:
MemcardRex 1.7

Friday, May 24, 2013

Progress update

I haven't made a new post in quite a while...

MemcardRex is still alive and kicking and the release date of version 1.7 is very soon.

Currently I'm busy adding some new features and updating the interface a bit
with the new icons set from

Also, I'm working on yet another plugin called "CTREdit", guess what game is it for...