Saturday, January 14, 2017

BCLoader fix

In 2012 I made a loader plugin for Black Chocobo save editor so users can edit FF7 saves
directly from MemcardRex.

It simply takes a single FF7 save, stores it to temp directory, sends it to Black Chocobo and waits for the application to close so it can put the save back to MemcardRex.

I named the temp file "FF7SaveData" and that worked when I tested the plugin.
However in the mean time Black Chocobo was updated and now it expects a decently named file to
detect it as a single save (eg. "BASCUS-94163FF7-S01").

Because of that BCLoader 0.1 is not usable with Black Chocobo any more and
the save is not detected as Final Fantasy VII save.

This has escaped me as I don't use Black Chocobo.
Fortunately user Jack Barnard pointed out the problem with the plugin.

So I fixed the problem and got the plugin working once again.

So, here it is. Grab the updated plugin and replace old "BCLoader.dll" in
plugins directory with the new one. 

Download link:

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