Sunday, October 5, 2014

Memory Card conversions

I still get a ton of requests for VMP conversions but I don't have a PSP anymore
so I'm unable to perform conversions for you guys.

But it's not that difficult to do it yourself.
User that goes by the name of Jaska made a great guide covering the topic, check it out

I have been getting bunch of requests lately for Memory Card conversions
from .mcr to PSP and PS Vita format (VMP).

There have been requests on ngemu, blog comments and emails and probably
on some other communities where I frequent.

To keep thing neatly organized I'll attach those saves to this post and maybe
we can even help someone else by using those converted saves.

So, consider this the official "ask Shendo to convert my save" post.

Just comment on this post with a link to your save and I'll convert
and attach saves when I get the chance.

Final Fantasy VIII (US) by Eric Vincent
Xenogears (US) by Eric Vincent
Final Fantasy IX (US) by Eric Vincent
Bushido Blade 2 (US) by Cjay2014
Final Fantasy VII/VIII (US) by Trapped
Xenogears (US) by David Tonka
Breath of Fire III (US) by Lt.Dan
Final Fantasy IX (US) by Romans5.8
Final Fantasy VII (EU) by Ex-SOLDIER
Final Fantasy VIII (EU) by Ex-SOLDIER
Final Fantasy IX (EU) by Zappyros
Final Fantasy IX (EU) by Kosaka
Legend of Mana (US) by Agsboy
Final Fantasy IX (US) by Knkma000
Final Fantasy VII/VIII (US) by Craig A O'Donnell-Vicente
Crash Team Racing / Final Fantasy IX (EU) by Ex-SOLDIER
Final Fantasy VIII (US) by Ddx92
Xenogears (US) by Michael1986
Tobal 2 / Saga Frontier / Front Mission 2 / Final Fantasy VII / Tactics / Einhander / Bushido Blade / Brave Fencer Mushashi by Fushigina
Chrono Cross (US) by J. Hampe
Final Fantasy IX / Digimon (EU) by VoiD3d
Final Fantasy VII/VIII/IX (EU) / Resident Evil 1 / 2 (US) by Noctis_XV
Breath of Fire 4 (US) by Dustin Weith
Legend of Dragoon (US) by B-train
Arc the Lad 2 (US) by Ygna
Parasite Eve 1/2 (US) by Justin Chambers
Final Fantasy VIII (EU) by RehiiX
Wild Arms 2, FF9, Legend of Legaia (US) by Eric Taylor
Final Fantasy VII (US) by Thurac
Final Fantasy VIII (EU, US) by Havenbrook



    if you can will you convert these to .vmp
    also I seen that you made a tool to convert vmp to mcr is there a tool to do the reverse

    1. Yes, I made the tool but since it can't properly sign files it requires too many steps to be practical.

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    1. Hello! I dont know if you still continue your convert service but if you have some time, can you convert my FFVIII PAL .mcr save file to .VMP please ?

      Thank you!

  3. Got a right before end game Wild Arms 2 set up here its the 1st one 01. 02 is the end game access menu.

    Tried converting bymyself but always get mem card not found on ps tv and cw cheat not an option. Much appreciated.,bq7t803w3azkwqg,ke1qzx47m1v4puo/shared

    1. ending 20 is the gamefile thats still playable.
      ending 21 is the gamefile with the end game stuff

      the memory card contains the original saves.

  4. Could you make this a ps vita save please

  5. Hi,

    I was wondering if you could convert this .mcr savefile from Persona 2 Eternal Punishment (US) to a .vmp savefile.

    It contains a savefile with a gameshark cheat applied on it that gives the player x999 of each tarot card. I saved the game after finishing the Sky Museum dungeon very early in the game.


    Hey man I got this RE2 gamesave I need for my PS Vita. Would be greatly appreciated if you could convert this for me and thanks again. :)


    Mega Man Legends 2 Please.

  8. Hello. I'm not sure if my old message got sent or not, if it did I'm sorry.
    I would like to ask you if you could be so kind and convert following saves into PS Vita format? Thanks!


    Could you convert this one into Vmp? I usually use cwcheat for this, but the game doesn't boot without perfect ps1 loader, which unfortunately doesn't support plugins. Thanks

    1. Nevermind, I figured out a way to do it; I installed the same game on my PSP, and for some reason CWcheat does work with that game.
      So I used the CWcheat method to transfer Mcr to the Psp, save the game, copied the Vmp to my pc, and then used PspFtp on my vita to transfer that Vmp to my Vita.
      I should've figured this out earlier :).

  10. Hello Shendo !

    Could you please convert this .MCR to .VMP so I can play it on my PSVita. At least, if you cannot convert it to PSVita, you can do it to PS3 format.
    The file is on my personal NAS, it'a a save of the beginning of Castlevania Symphony of the night with max gold and some boosted stuffs.
    Thank you very much for your work
    Sincerely yours

    LINK :

    1. Don't you have CWcheat installed on your Vita?
      Because it's pretty easy to load up the .MCR file with that plugin and load your save directly from that.

    2. I don't have any PSP so it's impossible for me to do that, sorry ...

    3. I see, so you don't have an eCFW installed on your vita then? It's a factory settings Vita with official firmware?
      Because if you have that, you can install the same things as you can on a Vita.
      I have to go to work right now, but I'll see what I can do tomorrow if Shendo hasn't already. greetz

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  12. Sorry for being insistant, the first save I gave to you was not really useful to me. I've created another for the same game with max gold and 2 "rings of varda" (2 of the most powerful accesories)
    If you can convert it to PSVITA, it'll be very friendly...

    I've put it on my personal NAS
    The game is Castlevania Symphonie of the night (EU).

    Thanks a lot !


    Here is the link :

    1. Please, can you help me, I have to leave tomorrow until next tuesday and I need my PSVITA with me...
      Sorry to ask you that ...
      Thanks a lot.

  13. Hi Shendo,

    Can you please convert this memory card with two Suikoden II saves?

    Awesome work on MemcardRex, btw!


  14. Hi, can you convert those mcr to vmp pretty please, thank you very much for what you do, its awesome!!!!

  15. Hi Shendo i dont know if ur still doin this or not but im gonna ask anyway, can you convert this one for me please to vmp really appreciate it please.

  16. hi shendo its deadworld66 I asked for the chrono cross save for ps vita and I tried to use the content manager and it doesn't show up. am I doing something wrong, is vpm the wrong format for ps vita.

    1. Are you sure you put it into the right directory? (check your CMA program and look at the bottom row of directories, it should show you where to put "application/backup" for Vita files.
      If so, have you put the correct gameID as the directory after that (scus***, where in *** are the numbers).
      So it should ve f.e. c:\users\[your name]\documents\PS Vita\PSavedata\[your psvita account ID]\SCUS***[The game's ID]\SCEVMC0.vmp
      If you put it in there, your vita should recognize it when plugged into your pc and wish to transfer the saves through CMA.

    2. wow thank you cause I just didn't know what I was doing.
      but I figured it out with souledge's help,
      first I copied the game save from the vita to my pc
      then I deleted the second memory card scevmc1.vmp
      and renamed the one I downloaded to scevmc1.vmp and it was there when I copied the file back to the vita

      tyvm everyone

  17. Hey Shendo or anybody there that can help me :)

    Im sorry if i keep bugging u but do u mind converting this to vmp please, really much appreciate it and hope to hear from you soon man! thanks!

  18. Hi Shendo, if possible could you convert me this file for the PSP? Thanks a lot for your hard work.

  19. hey can someone convert me the FFIX savegame to VMP for my ps vita ?
    thx :)

    1. i have downloaded a few savegames fpr ff7 and ff8 what are converted but why i cant use the saves ?

  20. Hey Shendo ,sorry for trouble but I have(I think so) a little more fresh problem than converting memcard files, I know that sometimes save states crash randomly in ePSXe but this time I know reason and its my fault but let me explain : I wanted to play "Jade Cocoon" so after long break from ePSXe I downloaded again this emulator,choosing first link after search in browser I get 1.9.25 version ,I didnt read any informations about it counting that as always new version don't change anything for normal player not interested in hardware specifics like me and this was my big mistake ,I didn't have problems with older versions so after fast configuring just started to play using only save states all the time then I realized that to get acces to after main story part of game I must save game on .mcr file and this was my beginning of mess ,ePSXe stopped everytime i try use save game it was strange because I configure way to mcr file so I go back to web and try figure out what is the problem and read that because emulator using HLE instead normal bios file memory cards don't work properly,ok so I just get ePSXe 1.7 and take his bios file to mine version and it was my next mistake , when I check sstates folder I found there new sstates files when maked when I was trying to load mine states ,after this I tried to just put mine sstates instead new ones changing it names to names that new created files have changed back their names and enable HLE again to just play some time and don't go to final battle to time I get some help with this but they not working at all (I maked their copies for trying other ways to solve that and save one groups of states not touched as a safe copy but now all my files don't work...),my question is that do You know any way for rescuing my sstates and make them work in any other ePSXe version ,or work in my version with working memcards? I don't really good at this stuff but is there alternative way to hack bios scph1001 for compatible work with my sstates and memcards? Thx for every even little information about it ,and sorry for so long post and my weak english language :)

    1. Hi.
      If you want you can post your savestates so I can take a look.

    2. Hey Shendo

      Im sorry if i keep bugging u but do u mind converting this to vmp please, really much appreciate it and hope to hear from you soon man! thanks! this a different from the last one i just posted long ago. :)

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  23. Can you help me convert this chrono trigger save file into .vmp format for ps vita?

  24. Thank you so much for the Suikoden save! You really saved my day! :)

  25. i know its too late but I just started with my PSP and I started downloading the old games from PSX so I downloaded one of my played a lot games yet I need help in it ,Breath of fire 4 . I need help in Finding the Saved Data from PSX converted into VMP so I can use it in PSP , there are some part of the game whih you will need full of everything weapon and item mainly max everything even powers.
    kindly guys whoever can help please lend me your assistance with Breath of Fire 4 Saved Data on PSP

  26. Hey man! I want to past my Save of Parasite Eve to my PSP can you help me?!G9EyVK6L!hff-xIM9yhxcpRC4NMA4qHPMHFsTA1pD2LoF2lmEotQ

  27. hello
    can you convert that to ps vita please!RtkARKrA!5wyQrQquW0cH_aalLG4Zc4R8RNRTuiQci78yJ5NQwtQ

    1. Sorry, I can't, I don't have a PSP anymore.

    2. What about now - a year later? Did you ever purchase another one? lol... I could use help but seeing how old the .psv problem is, I don't have much hope that I'll get MY saves because I don't own a ps2 or memory card adapter (at least that's what I THINK is needed from what I've read)... This should be updated somehow... Do you have a youtube? You really should make some videos! I guess there's still no getting around the psx signature thing then, huh? I used Rex to put a PS3 .psv into an .mcd my FPSE could use (so I could cheat on FFVII to get a side quest done), but then - of course - I ran into the "export .psv" problem... Is there any way to use a ps2 emulator on the pc to achieve the same thing as with the real ps2 or whatever? I'm just trying to think of a way around things but I don't really have the technical knowledge... and I hate the thought of using someone else's save file for some reason.

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