Saturday, April 14, 2012

I've got a new toy

Recently I've acquired something that I wanted for a while:
For those who don't recognize the device, it's a DexDrive.

It was somewhat popular back in the day since it allowed
PS1 saves to be transferred to and from a PC, making the
space for storing your saves "limitless".

Anyway, almost all major PS1 Memory Card editors support
direct communication with DexDrive. I've always wanted to add that feature to MemcardRex but due to the lack of a said device I was unable to...
Until now. So for MemcardRex 1.6 expect a DexDrive support ;)


  1. A DexDrive! Do they still make those old things? I retired mine years ago, after my PS1 died and ePSXe became my machine of choice.

    1. They stopped production long ago, however I bought this one in mint condition.
      It shipped complete with a box, manual and 2 diskettes ;)