Sunday, October 27, 2013

Progress update (MemCARDuino)

I added support for MemCARDuino reader in my MemcardRex.
If you don't know what MemCARDuino is you can visit this link for more info.

Here is a video of it in action:

I'm not really sure when MemcardRex 1.8 will be released but stay tuned for any updates.


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  4. Just wanted to say thank you for this. I am currently breadboarding a little device, waiting for my Nano clone to get here.

    I noticed on the github page, you recommended external power for pin 3 and a divider for pin 5.

    For the divider, I was going to use 2K+3K resistors, but I've yet to find a decent power supply for the 7.6v. Do you have any recommendations? At the risk of losing a card, would it be worth it to try it directly first?

    1. Hi. You can try it directly but it's not recommended in the long run.
      Ideally you should use a 3.3V arduino (as card operates at 3.6V).

      I wrote voltage divider but in the mean time I learned that two diodes in series are a better solution.
      I need to update official docs...